Getting a Job with an English Degree 

By Gabby Norris

Most commonly, when someone learns that you are earning your degree in English, or have already earned your degree in English, they assume that you are either aiming to be the next James Patterson or a teacher. Sometimes this is actually the case, but not in every situation! If you are working towards an English degree, a degree in a similar field, or have already completed your degree, I would like to bring up the copywriting and copy editing fields for you to consider! If you are not already familiar with these careers, copywriters typically work closely with businesses or ad agencies to produce thoughtful and intriguing slogans, campaigns, and sometimes even emails to be sent out by the company. Copy editors can work with most any type of business, with their main focus being editing pre existing work to ensure that it is polished and ready to be consumed by a large scale audience. If either of these career fields pique your interest and you would like to browse open jobs in the aforementioned fields, consider opening the links listed below. Happy job hunting and best of luck!

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