Widener University’s online journal of undergraduate writing takes its name from the Blue Route (I-476), a north-south highway running through the suburbs of Philadelphia.

The Blue Route is an online undergraduate literary journal run by students and faculty from Widener University. We publish short fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction written by undergraduate writers from any school other than our own.  There is a great deal of emerging talent in the undergraduate population, and we aim to showcase that talent in our journal. We pay our contributors $25 upon publication, and work hard to provide our contributors with a professional publication experience.

Our staff has an extremely thorough process of reviewing submissions. We read each submission blind, without the author’s name or gender, in order to evaluate each piece effectively with minimal bias, focusing on its content and the skill with which it has been written. Our entire prose staff reads every prose submission, and our entire poetry staff reads every poetry submission. We meet and discuss each piece, believing that this is the best way to give each submission fair consideration.

We encourage undergraduates from any major who have done creative writing in any of the genres we publish to submit to us. We also extend a welcome to readers from all walks of life, who are interested in all these writers have to offer.

Check out our FAQ for more information about the journal. 

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