Be Sure to Check Submission Guidelines

By Stefan Cozza

It’s that time of the year again and submissions are flooding in! Students from all over the globe are sending in their creative pieces hoping for a chance to highlight their work. As the Blue Route’s mailbox starts bulking up, I wanted to take a brief chance to remind our readers of our guidelines. While we appreciate every single piece we receive, due to high number of submissions and hectic schedules, it does seem some contributors have blurred the lines of what the Blue Route accepts. As a reminder, if you are submitting poetry, you may have a total of 3 and no more! If you are submitting a prose piece, please make sure the maximum word count does NOT exceed 3000 words. The Blue Route loves to see the enthusiasm from so many different writers, but without adhering to our guidelines, it does hinder the publication’s ability to read and accurately judge every piece. When you can, please take a look over our guidelines; it means a lot. Happy contributing!

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