Summer Shakespeare Events

Feeling out of touch with your English friends this summer? Wishing someone would appreciate Shakespeare with you? If you’re in the Delaware Valley area, there are several events worth attending!
Beginning June 10, the Arden Shakespeare Gild presents a new approach to the Trojan War. The Shakespeare 2016 Summer Show includes 9 performances of Troilus and Cressida with a Star Wars theme. Watch a creative take on “Troy versus the Dark Side of the Greeks!” Click here for more information.
Also, on June 25, for those looking or interested to learn more about Shakespeare, Lloyd King will be leading a discussion filled with factual information as well as speculations about an untold side to the playwright. The event is being hosted at Kirkwood Library in Wilmington, Delaware. Admission is free for all ages. For more information click here!
Or you could spend a day in Rockwood Park for the Delaware Shakespeare Festival. This year they’ll be presenting The Comedy of Errors. The festival runs from July 15-31 with a total of 13 performances. Pack a picnic and visit Rockwood’s beautiful grounds and mansion before settling in for some good ol’ fashioned Shakespeare. The festival is family friendly, scheduling a variety of activities including wandering bards as well as a Children’s Activity Tent complete with “Shakespearean-themed arts and crafts.”
 Tickets are on sale as of June 1. For ticket prices click here.
For scheduling and planning information visit their website here.

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