Literary Themed Fun Facts

  • Fahrenheit 451 was originally supposed to be titled The Fireman
  • Charles Dickens was a firm believer of the supernatural and was even a part of a Ghost Club. He was also known to sleep facing North as he believed it would improve his writing.  
  • The world’s most avid readers come from India, which has an average reading time of 10.7 hours a week. 
  • In the Victor Hugo novel Les Miserables, there is a sentence that is 823 words long. This is the longest sentence written in a published novel to date.  
  • Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland has been banned in China since 1931 because the governor of the Hunan Province believed that allowing both animals and humans the ability to speak was “disastrous.”  
  • The first public library opened in America was located in Charleston, South Carolina in 1698.  
  • Some of the strangest objects found inside library or secondhand books include a butterfly, lizard, polaroid picture of fried eggs, matches (hidden in the book by removing several pages), and spectacles from approximately 1930.  

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