The Exciting World of Travel Blogging 

By Keeley Duffy 

Whenever I tell people I am an English and Creative Writing major, they ask if I’m going to be a teacher. While teaching is a wonderful profession, it is not right for me. Usually, the next option for people with such a degree is an author, which is also a wonderful choice. But what about all of the other great job opportunities? Some alternative routes include journalism and ghostwriting. Journalism, of course, is all about the production and distribution of or reports on the news, sports, celebrities, fashion, facts, and ideas. Ghostwriting is for people who are not ready to put their names out to the public. You write about any kind of topic you like and then sell it to any company that needs it.  

But have you ever thought about travel blogging? Travel blogging involves going to all kinds of places and writing articles about your amazing adventures and experiences, and you don’t need someone to hire you for it! You can simply create your own website and travel to places you have always wanted to visit. Maybe you want to visit the Colosseum in Rome, or The Great Mosque of Cordoba in Spain. How this works is that you create your blog and use it as a resume. The more post you make the more people will see and review it. While you are working on your blog, you can work as a virtual assistant with other blogs to get experience. After you get into affiliate marketing and start placing your ads on websites, you can start selling your videos and even make videos about your adventures to generate income. If your blog ends up becoming successful, you can end up getting sponsored by brands and they could pay you to travel somewhere and blog about it. After you create a website and start writing and taking pictures of the sights you’ve seen, you can advertise your blog on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.  

Below are links to some travel blogs to see what yours could potentially look like:  

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