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2 Cool Writing Pages to Follow on Instagram 

The Blue Route’s blog manager Ciana Bowers shares two helpful Instagrams for creative writers to follow.


SethWrites is an Instagram that makes post that help short story writers and novelists. Some of his posts include advice on how to write bilingual/multilingual characters and showcase character relationship dynamics. He even addresses writing rumors within the writing community. SethWrites also publishes tips on how to edit short stories and novels to make the process easier and quicker before sending your work off for publication. 


This Instagram (writers.write.company) posts writing advice for all types of writers, including poets, short story writers, and nonfiction writers. They also post memes to lighten the hearts of writers who may be struggling with their writing process. They also post resources for other writers to check out. 

Have some favorite writing-themed Instagram accounts to recommend? Share in the comments!