Evan Turissini, Bucknell University

The splattered brain and blood
cover the window and floor
like a classic Pollock.

A tortured artist, the fan girls giggled,
as they scooped and bottled his fluids
to sell as souvenirs and hang at
the new Hard Rock Cafe in Santa Fe.
A few of them boldly took a lock of hair
or a tooth for their own collection.

The notes carved into the walls
were supposed to be his magnum opus;
he would have been wounded
when they used it as a jingle
for a cereal commercial.


Evan Turissini is a junior at Bucknell University. He was last seen in England ruling the country Weekend-at-Bernie’s-style with David Cameron’s comatose body. He has been published in Right Hand Pointing, My Favorite Bullet, The Light Ekphrastic, and The First Day, among others.

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