Arizona Diner

my 1993 Chevy jostles and springs up
the long, narrow highway

the golden sun laps my face illuminating
the dark patch of my sweat-stained color

half a tank to go

A lonesome
diner, white stucco crusted with
sand, dulled and blackened red
neon sign, brown roof sagging

Turkey and cheese, Cheddar if you got it
I rest a five on the cool, muted counter

Annabelle’s black name tag, dotted
with grease from the sizzling
griddle—long, smooth
stockings, a smell of bacon
and Jasmine perfume

Cheddar it is, Sweetheart
She flicks a wink my way

those blue eyes—that stained
green apron stretched tightly over that playful bosom—

my teeth dig
into the dark, warm bread.


Vinny Tangherlini is currently pursuing a B.A. in Drama at University of California Irvine. As an actor, he has performed in over fifteen shows at the university, including being a part of the annual New Swan Shakespeare Festival. A long-time improviser, he is currently the captain of UCI’s Improv Revolution and teaches acting and improvisation to elementary and high school students. When not performing (on or off stage), he finds himself writing short poems in order to pursue the university’s Creative Writing Emphasis and helping to edit New Forum Magazine, a publication dedicated to producing the works of students.

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