County Road 4760, Winnsboro, TX

Emma Pearl Ramsey, Stephen F. Austin State University

Buoyant, we struck out like pioneers,
bright, weightless spirits unaware
that everything familiar disappears.
We posed, smiles like shiny souvenirs
beside the square sign marked,”sold.” There,
having struck out like pioneers,
we bought thirteen acres, crowned old fears
gently, in the gold grace of prayer.

When everything familiar disappears–
breathless adventure–the hemispheres
of our existence expanding–will we care?
When, having struck out like pioneers,
the world is widened, and the road clears,
will it pain us, grown older, to stare
while everything familiar disappears?
Will we, hands high–bright-eyed volunteers
–pack our souls in suitcases and dare
to strike out like pioneers,
knowing everything familiar disappears?

Emma Pearl Ramsey is working on her undergraduate thesis in poetry at Stephen F. Austin State University, in the piney woods of Nacogdoches, TX, as well as minors in Literature and German. Emma grew up on a small farm in the country, and loves all things that grow, whether they are gardens, children, or our own individual knowledge of ourselves and of our place in the world. She loves to take a chaos of emotion and image and give it order through poetry and prose, but is especially passionate about the magic of poetry.